Convergence is the meeting of art and technology to create in entirely new visual experience. Drones will fly around a net structure with participants having a spectacular and immersive visual experience.

Drone shows are new concept with immense creative potential yet to be fully explored. The playa provides the perfect setting for experimentation and innovation. Cutting-edge lighting technologies—on the ground and in the air—will be deployed in concert with a beautiful net structure to allow unique viewing experiences. Come join us to help create a new art form.

Shows will be flown Monday through Friday somewhere in deep playa. Exact time TBD.

Help Design a Show!

Radically inclusive, communal participation and self-expression with drones! Help design a drone show to be flown on the playa. The first-ever, crowd-sourced drone show will be flown on the first day of Burning Man. Shows designed by the Convergence creative team will be flown Monday through Friday, but Sunday is a day for experimentation with the Burning Man community. Everyone is welcome to submit and discuss content ideas online over the summer, view them through rendered pre-visualization videos, collectively decide on the best ones, and see them come to life on the playa!


On playa we'll need many volunteers to assist with setup, daily shows and teardown. Have a pasion for drones? Want to help make make some magic happen? Please fill out our volunteer form and we will be in contact via email with additional details.

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